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First/Corresponding Authored Papers

IF : 10.383

Lee, E. H., Lee, S. W., Seo, Y., Deng, Y. H., Lim, Y. J., Kwon, H. B., ... & Kim, M. J. (2022). Manganese Oxide Nanozyme-Doped Diatom for Safe and Efficient Treatment of Peri-Implantitis. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.

IF : 8.924

Lee, S. M., Lee, S. W., Kang, M., Choi, J. K., Park, K., Byun, J. S., & Kim, D. Y. (2021). FoxO1 as a Regulator of Aquaporin 5 Expression in the Salivary Gland. Journal of Dental Research, 100(11), 1281-1288.

IF : 4.967

Lee, S. W., Kim, J., Cong, X., Yu, G. Y., Ryu, J. H., & Park, K. (2021). Efficient Surface Immobilization of Chemically Modified Hyaluronans for Enhanced Bioactivity and Survival of In Vitro-Cultured Embryonic Salivary Gland Mesenchymal Cells. Polymers, 13(8), 1216.

IF : 6.208

Kim, J., Lee, S. W., & Park, K. (2021). CXCR4 Regulates Temporal Differentiation via PRC1 Complex in Organogenesis of Epithelial Glands. International journal of molecular sciences, 22(2), 619.

IF : 10.633

Lee, S. W., Kim, J., Do, M., Namkoong, E., Lee, H., Ryu, J. H., & Park, K. (2020). Developmental role of hyaluronic acid and its application in salivary gland tissue engineering. Acta Biomaterialia, 115, 275-287.

IF : 32.086

Han, S. I., Lee, S. W., Cho, M. G., Yoo, J. M., Oh, M. H., Jeong, B., ... & Hyeon, T. (2020). Epitaxially strained CeO2/Mn3O4 nanocrystals as an enhanced antioxidant for radioprotection. Advanced Materials, 32(31), 2001566.

IF : 10.383

Lee, S. W., Ryu, J. H., Do, M. J., Namkoong, E., Lee, H., & Park, K. (2020). NiCHE platform: nature-inspired catechol-conjugated hyaluronic acid environment platform for salivary gland tissue engineering. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 12(4), 4285-4294.

IF : 6.208

Shin, Y., Lee, S. W., Namkoong, E., An, W., Lee, J. H., Brown, P. D., & Park, K. (2019). Epigenetic modification as a regulatory mechanism for spatiotemporal dynamics of ANO1 expression in salivary glands. International journal of molecular sciences, 20(24), 6298.

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